How does Oh La La Spotless, Inc Supports Employee Development and Learning?

In the ever-evolving world of the cleaning industry, it’s not uncommon for janitorial roles to be overlooked when it comes to employee development and learning. However, our company sets a new standard in this regard. We believe that every employee, regardless of their position, has the potential to grow, learn, and make a bigger impact. […]

How to Keep Illnesses and Infections from Spreading

One of the most important tasks Oh La La Spotless, Inc. performs for our clients is sanitation, especially for our clients that are medical facilities where healthcare is of the utmost importance. This is a task we complete with pride—ensuring that the facilities we clean are completely rid of all diseases, viruses, or other pathogens […]

Ensure Your Facility is Safe for Staff With Our Essential Business Cleaning Services

A huge part of maintaining any facility is the cleaning and sanitation of your space. Doing this creates a safe, clean space for both your clientele and your staff. In light of recent events, COVID-19 disinfection cleaning has become a major part of facility maintenance for businesses of all kinds, especially medical facilities. Because of […]

Keep Your FacilIty Properly Disinfected to Avoid The Spread of Corona Virus

The flu strain known as the Corona Virus is spreading quickly in many areas, and if you’re a healthcare facility with sick patients, you’ll want to keep your space clean. Those most vulnerable to the virus are those that have compromised immune systems, after all. This means Corona Virus Prevention is a must for your […]

How To Prevent/Kill Corona Virus In Your Facility

As the coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19, sweeps the globe, people continue to be affected everywhere — including Doral, FL & Coral Gables, FL. There are over 40 confirmed cases in the state of Florida alone, with that number increasing by the day. With awareness and concern at an all-time high, Corona Virus disinfection […]

Impress Guests This New Year with a Beautifully Maintained Office Building

Let’s face it; first impressions mean everything, which is why you may be searching for “janitorial services near me” to make sure that your office building is beautifully maintained. If you’re looking for janitorial services, Oh La La Spotless in Doral provides exactly what you need. Their team of professionals has the expertise to help […]

Let Us Help You Sell Properties With Our Showing Cleaning Services

Are you planning on selling your property? How is your property looking at the moment? Is it clean? Here at Oh La La Spotless, Inc., our team of professionals are proud to offer the best commercial cleaning services that are sure to get your property sold quickly. When it comes to cleaning services near me, […]

Janitorial Cleaning Services Lead To A Healthier Work Environment

Have you put any thought behind why you should maintain a clean office space with a facility maintenance company? Here at Oh La La Spotless in Doral, FL, our team of professionals is here to make sure you get all the janitorial services you need to have the best environment for your faithful employees. After […]

The Importance Of Keeping Break Rooms Clean & Germ-Free

We spend time in the workplace more than we typically want to. When you really think about it, we sometimes are in the office more than we are at home. Because of this, don’t you think your workplace should be just as clean as your home? How would you feel if your personal kitchen was […]

What Sets Oh La La Spotless Apart From The Competition

When one decides to venture out and trust others to handle their businesses and buildings, it is essential that they make the right choice. Here in Miami, FL, there are a variety of companies out there who offer an abundance of services. However, they may not be right for you. Here at Oh La La […]