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Here at Oh La La Spotless, Inc. our mission is to be the best at solving business problems through facility maintenance. This means control, organization, and cleanliness for our clients, allowing them to spend more time focusing on their business. It’s thanks to our passionate team of professionals who share this same vision that we are able to achieve this for our clients here in Coral Gables, FL.​

The Oh La La Spotless, Inc. Vision

For us, we believe the current status quo in our industry is too low, and we seek to outperform this every day for each client we service. Every day should be completed one step ahead of the last, and by constantly outdoing ourselves, we’re able to provide the absolute best quality of service that we’re capable of. That said, we also stand true to our integrity, and thus will only make promises that we can confidently deliver on. With our own integrity and the expectations of each client in mind, we build the Oh La La Spotless, Inc. reputation to be beyond exceptional so that we can continue to provide for businesses the services they need.

facility maintenance

Our industry covers a broad selection of services, each with a different focus designed for different businesses.
Regardless of what a client requires, we have something for everyone:

porter/custodial services

Keep a well-maintained environment for lobbies, restrooms, communal areas, and more.


We understand the importance of complete sanitation in a medical environment.

pressure cleaning

Use high-pressure water jets to clear away harsh chemicals, mold, and more.

floor stripping and waxing

Leave your floors looking shiny and new with a stripping and waxing service.

outdoor maintenance

Keep your outdoor spaces clean and free of litter and debris for a professional look.

General Maintenance

General upkeep helps you keep your space in top condition at all times.


Keep your spaces completely clean from the floors to the ceiling and everything in-between.


Office cleaning not only works to your schedule, but also helps promote organization and mitigates the spread of illnesses that can slow down your staff.


When construction projects leave behind a mess, we can run through the space and leave it ready for service.


Keep your carpets and/or upholstery clean and looking new while maintaining the quality of the materials.


Perfect for newly acquired properties, set up your business for success with a cleaning service.


Maintain crystal clear windows to keep your office building looking professional.


Whether temporary or long term, a housekeeping can ensure all guests are taken care of.

event services

Leave the maintenance of your events up to staff that will ensure all runs smoothly and that nothing falls into disorganization.

business support

We also provide staff for ensuring your business runs smoothly outside of cleaning and maintenance.

Security services

Provide safety and security for both your team and your guests

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Looking for facility maintenance in Coral Gables, FL? Contact Oh La La Spotless to take care of you. With our vision and goals in view, we will ensure your business receives the highest quality maintenance to bring order to your chaos and set your business up for success.

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Quality business cleaning services are all about creating long term relationships and helping the client (facility/building manager) achieve the highest level of cleanliness for their commercial property. Contact Oh La La Spotless, Inc. for a service that works and gives results. Quality is the focus.

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