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Professional building Janitorial & commercial Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning

We improve the health of indoor employees by cleaning all areas from top to bottom by removing grime and dirt using the latest equipment.

Get a free initial deep cleaning! (Restrictions: Frequency of service (5x week) and upon signed agreement – have to be in service for at least 90 days or payment will apply)

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection (Fogging)

This service improves infection control and prevents the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus – COVID-19. It kills more than 99% of microscopic organisms. We use an electrostatic sprayer, to disinfect all high-touch surfaces.

Get one free Electrostatic Fog Disinfecting Service! (Restrictions: Upon signed agreement (minimum 2x per week service))

Building Cleaning Services


Get a complimentary 1-hour cleaning consultation! Meet our top experts and obtain the most up to date practices for best sanitation, cleaning procedures, site supervision/analysis and much more. Must be over 10,000sqft.

Medical Health Center Cleaning Experts in Miami

Oh La La Spotless provides Coronavirus cleaning, disinfecting, air fogging, and COVID-19 sanitization services to governmental, commercial offices, and residential homeowners throughout South Florida. We have helped both businesses and homeowners with coronavirus disinfecting in Miami, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral, Kendall and all cities in Miami Dade County.

To help businesses in South Florida remain fully operational, healthy and safe during these times, we are focusing on trying to help as many businesses as possible rather than profits. We are fully operational and services can be delivered within 24 hours from the initial call.

Building Cleaning Miami

Here at Oh La La Spotless Inc., we have created a 3-service opportunity for proper cleaning & disinfecting to make sure your facility is the safest it can be in Miami & throughout South Florida. These services will help ensure that any potential viruses or bacteria that could be harmful are eliminated, so we recommend taking them into consideration.

  pWhy call a professional? A professional understands the right processes depending on your facility’s needs and ensures the area is clean and safe for employees to work in. Businesses should not confront cleaning on their own.

In light of the high demand for reliable janitorial and commercial cleaning, we remain informed on the most up to date cleaning protocols, safety and infection control. We are actively engaged with our employees in the front lines to provide appropriate information and ensure the safety of our clients.

How Our Team Handles Janitorial and Commercial building cleaning in Miami

The Experts at Oh La La Spotless are not just a cleaning crew, but a full facility maintenance staff with training in many areas that help our clients run their establishments. One such area of training is in sanitation. For example, a hospital or urgent care facility is full of sick patients and those with compromised immune systems. This makes a contagious virus, like the Corona Virus, very dangerous for those patients. Naturally, we expect these facilities to stay sanitized and safe for everyone; however, if you don’t have an expert facility maintenance crew to provide you with janitorial services, call us today. As a healthcare facility, your main priority is helping the sick and injured. That’s a tall responsibility, and cleaning shouldn’t have to be on that list, eating up your concentration. This is where our team would come in. By letting our experts handle the sanitation of your facility, your team has more time and energy to focus on your patients.

Why Get Professional Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Cleaning Services for your building or business? 

COVID-19 is major issue across the world and is not going away any time soon. For businesses that are open and for the others that are reopening, they need to protect their employees and provide a safe working environment. In order to counter the potential threat that is Coronavirus, it’s imperative that we handle our businesses carefully and ensure that our facilities are properly sanitized. This is something that can be done manually by one’s own team, but a facility maintenance company such as Oh La La Spotless Inc. will have the training, certification and experience in Coronavirus cleaning and sanitation to maximize the safety of your facility. This is important for both your clientele and your staff. Hiring the proper commercial cleaning services is an important step in reopening businesses in the face of COVID-19.

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Quality business cleaning services are all about creating long term relationships and helping the client (facility/building manager) achieve the highest level of cleanliness for their commercial property. Contact Oh La La Spotless, Inc. for a service that works and gives results. Quality is the focus.

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