What Sets Oh La La Spotless Apart From The Competition

When one decides to venture out and trust others to handle their businesses and buildings, it is essential that they make the right choice. Here in Miami, FL, there are a variety of companies out there who offer an abundance of services. However, they may not be right for you. Here at Oh La La Spotless, our services surpass the competition. When it comes to commercial cleaning services, we are the best. It is no wonder that individuals depend on us for commercial cleaning Miami residents! 


Why Are We The Best?

Are you not convinced? Here is a little information about our company to help nudge you in the right direction. We’re a unique cleaning company dedicated to provide a better business environment through improved air quality. Our eco-friendly cleaning products, state of the Art hypoallergenic equipment; a rigorous training program and random on-site supervision makes Oh La La Spotless, a company you can count on reliability, efficiency and quality service. We are passionate about each client project, and our attention to detail is like no other.​


Check out these services:

  • Detailed Office Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Porter Services
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Move-in/Move Out
  • Window Cleaning 
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet/ Upholstery Cleaning
  • Clean-Up Emergency Services 


Do you own any of the following establishments:

  • Office Buildings/ Warehouse
  • Shopping Centers/ Government Buildings
  • Health Care Facilities / Schools
  • Churches/Community Events
  • Industrial / Construction Sites 
  • Property Management/ Hotels
  • End of Tenancy /Party Venues
  • Car Dealer / Finance Sector
  • Developers

 If you do, we have the services you need today! You can count on us to give you superb commercial cleaning services. We are also Better Business Bureau accredited! 


Check Out Our Commercial Cleaning Miami

We are green! Are you wondering what that means? “Green” is a complete approach to maintaining a facility by making informed decisions on chemicals, equipment, supplies, processes, and procedures for every aspect of the process.​


Here is a list of some of our green services!

  • Office cleaning
    • Our customized cleaning checklist will fulfill your specific needs and ensure a healthy, safe environment, our cleaning technicians not only spray disinfecting solution not only in the bathrooms and kitchens but also on door handles, table tops, water fountains, chairs and equipment to reduce the risk of spreading germs. 
  • Moving and showing cleaning
    • This is perfect for newly acquired properties. We clean from top to bottom and sanitize all areas, leaving your properties looking like new.
  • Medical centers
    • We understand the importance of cleaning a medical facility, as there are many different types of specialized medical facilities with different needs. 


Call Us Today!

Oh La La Spotless, Inc is one of the best licensed and insured office cleaning companies that strive to improve indoor air quality & reduce your operating expenses as much as 30%. Quality commercial cleaning services go above and beyond their cleaning services. Our management team sets goals and progressive plans to guarantee that a facility is always clean and well maintained. There is a process in place to measure those results. Call our experts today for more information on commercial cleaning Miami. 

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