facility SERVICES FOR ECO-CONSCIOUS industries

Our comprehensive “Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions” are designed to upkeep any establishment while conscientiously selecting our resources. We strategically choose eco-friendly cleaning agents, equipment, and supplies to ensure our methods are sustainable. Each procedure and process we implement is carefully assessed for its environmental impact, ensuring every aspect of our service contributes to a greener future.​


Promoting a Healthier Environment

Day porters are the professionals who provide our business cleaning services and support your business’s image. They make sure that all who enter your facility are satisfied with the cleanly and well-maintained environment. As a business owner, you are quite busy, which is where our porter services can be of great benefit.

A porter service functions as a day-time janitorial service, but with extra benefits. The most common services performed by a porter include:

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Restroom restocking and sanitation
  • Removing trash
  • Cleaning communal areas (i.e., kitchens, cafeterias, patios, break rooms)
  • Meeting setup/tear down

Our exceptional janitorial services are meticulously crafted to address your facility’s specific requirements. Experience our relentless dedication to detail, underpinning our mission to foster productivity and positivity in your workplace. Join us in our journey towards excellence -where pristine hygiene, advanced methodologies, and unparalleled customer service seamlessly merge

Elevate your property’s curb appeal with our expert groundskeeping maintenance services. From lawn care, parking maintenance or seasonal cleanup, our professional team enhances and preserves the beauty of your exterior spaces. Committed to eco-friendly practices, we blend skilled care with nature’s harmony, transforming your grounds into visually stunning environments.


Elevating the Standard: Nurturing Your Premises

You will be surprised by the harmful, toxic black mold that may be present on walls, roofs, driveways and decks. It is important to find a company that has the expertise to power wash correctly and uses the right amount of water and chemicals to avoid damaging your property.

We use eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic and premium quality products in our state of the art equipment.

When a construction crew begins a project, federal and state laws regulate them, and when a construction project ends, these regulations continue to control the process until the site is cleaned up, so commercial cleaning services are often needed to make certain the area is clean and safe. By hiring a professional cleaning business, the builder can ensure that the area is left compliant with code.

This is perfect for newly acquired properties. We clean from top to botton and sanitize all areas, leaving your properties looking like new. We keep a close relationship with property managers, real estate brokers, agents and staging consultants who trust and rely on us to get top dollars for their commercial and residential properties.

Transform your facilities with our professional window cleaning services. We deliver spotless, gleaming windows using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced techniques. Our focus extends beyond mere aesthetics, aiming to improve natural light penetration and maintain building standards. With safety as our priority, we effectively handle even the most challenging window cleaning tasks, reflecting your dedication to superior property management.

Maximize the value and appeal of your properties with our superior carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We employ the latest cleaning technology to deeply cleanse carpets and upholstery in your buildings, effectively removing dirt, grime, and stubborn stains. Our specialized carpet cleaning techniques delve into the very fabric of carpets to eradicate hidden pollutants and allergens, significantly enhancing the indoor air quality of your buildings. Our upholstery cleaning services, on the other hand, rejuvenate and extend the lifespan of your furniture, enhancing the aesthetic and comfort of your property interiors. From office carpets to condominium lounge furniture, our skilled team handles every item with unmatched care and precision.

Stripping and waxing floors is an important part of keeping your facility clean and presentable. Our skilled technicians leave your floors looking shiny and like new. We take extra care in the corners and tape off all carpet areas and baseboards to ensure a quality service. We are experts in VCT, LVT, Laminate, Marmoleum, tile, sealed cement and more.

We combined advanced techniques and environmentally friendly practices to restore the elegance and durability of your marble surfaces. Our services go beyond surface-level polishing, by addressing stains, scratches, and luster loss. 


Ensuring Safety and Wellness: Adopting an Extraordinary Cleaning and Disinfecting Approach.

Oh La La Spotless provides Coronavirus cleaning, disinfecting, air fogging, and sanitization services to governmental, commercial offices, and residential homeowners throughout South Florida. We have helped both businesses and homeowners with coronavirus disinfecting in Miami, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral, Kendall and all cities in Miami Dade County.

To help businesses in South Florida remain fully operational, healthy and safe during these times, we are focusing on trying to help as many businesses as possible rather than profits. We are fully operational and services can be delivered within 24 hours from the initial call.


By conducting a thorough site assessment

Continuous High Touch Disinfection

Comprehensive Facility Disinfection

Restoration Services

Like New Again

Oh La La Spotless specializes in high-quality care, maintenance and restoration of metal, stone and wood for decorative and architectural applications. We work with clients looking for high-quality interior and exterior services.

Metal and wood surfaces need to be kept in pristine condition in order to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Scratches, damage and tarnishing can ruin their architectural beauty, so it is important to keep them in good condition.

We understand that each stone has its own unique characteristics, and we have the know-how to maintain their finishes without damaging them.

Trust us when we design a customized care package that protects and extends the lifespan of your investment.


Support Services

We are here for you

Oh La La Spotless is a provider of hourly temporary and long term housekeeping staffing. We become an extension of your management team. We have supervisors assigned to ensure the quality and performance of your assigned employees. Training and background to all employees

*Room & Spa Attendants

*Housekeepers & Supervisors

*Steward/Porter Services

Whether you are planning a fashion show, special event or corporate celebration, our top-notch event cleaning services provides comprehensive pre-event, ongoing, and post-event cleaning, utilizing eco-friendly practices and modern techniques. Our goal is to maintain the high standard of cleanliness your event spaces deserve. Showcase your dedication to excellent property management by choosing Oh La La Spotless, Inc.