How To Prevent/Kill Corona Virus In Your Facility

As the coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19, sweeps the globe, people continue to be affected everywhere — including Doral, FL & Coral Gables, FL. There are over 40 confirmed cases in the state of Florida alone, with that number increasing by the day. With awareness and concern at an all-time high, Corona Virus disinfection has never been more imminent than right now. 


COVID-19 Is Contagious & Deadly


While the CDC, World Health Organization, and other institutions around the world work endlessly to find a cure for the coronavirus, modern medicine hasn’t seen any relief yet. As it continues to spread across the nation, the main thing we can do right now is preventing the disease from spreading more than it already is. 


The best way to achieve this is with proper disinfection everywhere — including our homes, facilities, businesses, and ourselves. People all over the world are being urged to panic less and clean more. If we all want to do our part in defeating this contagious disease, it starts with safe and healthy habits 24/7.


What Products Are Best for Corona Virus Disinfection?


First off, we need to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. While both are important when dealing with this disease, they have entirely different meanings, and one will be more effective than the other. 


When we clean something, it’s referring to the removal of dirt, debris, and germs from an area or surface. On the other hand, disinfecting refers to the elimination and killing of any germs or bacteria in the area. While cleaning is essential, it won’t kill the coronavirus — which is our primary goal here. 


In order to properly disinfect your home or business, you’ll need the proper cleaning products to get the job done. While many household cleaners boast killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria, they won’t always apply to the coronavirus. This could mean all that disinfecting you thought you’ve been doing, hasn’t actually been doing what you were hoping for. 


The CDC has recommended using Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant, which has been used in the past to disinfect and kill viruses like AIDS and Hepatitis. It’s also a hospital-grade product, so you know it can be trusted. 


The EPA has also suggested using CP-64 as an effective cleaner against COVID-19. Other recommendations include LabGuard 256 and QuatPlus TB — if you’re looking for an easy-to-use spray. 


How Often Should I Disinfect Surfaces?


When keeping the coronavirus out of your house, business, and neighborhood, it’s best to disinfect any areas you come in contact with regularly throughout the day. An easy way to stay on top of it is to carry hand sanitizer with you and always keep a disinfectant spray nearby. 


It has long been said that with proper awareness and safe behavioral habits, we can fight through this. We must continue to stay informed of what the professionals and experts are telling us. 


As we continue to watch this virus make its way through the Doral, FL & Coral Gables, FL areas, we must stay unselfish and keep in mind that our actions can affect those around us. If you haven’t been practicing proper Corona Virus disinfection protocol, now’s a great time to start. For more helpful tips and coronavirus coverage, contact us at Oh La La Spotless, Inc., and we’d be glad to share anything we know. 

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