Keep Your FacilIty Properly Disinfected to Avoid The Spread of Corona Virus

The flu strain known as the Corona Virus is spreading quickly in many areas, and if you’re a healthcare facility with sick patients, you’ll want to keep your space clean. Those most vulnerable to the virus are those that have compromised immune systems, after all. This means Corona Virus Prevention is a must for your facility. If you’re a healthcare facility in Coral Gables, FL, you may want to consider the specialists at Oh La La Spotless for hospital sanitation and janitorial services. We aren’t just about cleaning, though; we are a facility maintenance company for all your cleaning, organization, management, and security needs.


How Our Team Handles Sanitation

The Experts at Oh La La Spotless are not just a cleaning crew, but a full facility maintenance staff with training in many areas that help our clients run their establishments. Regarding healthcare facilities, one such area of training is in sanitation. A hospital or urgent care facility is full of sick patients and those with compromised immune systems. This makes a contagious virus, like the Corona Virus, very dangerous for those patients. Naturally, we expect these facilities to stay sanitized and safe for everyone; however, if you don’t have an expert facility maintenance crew to provide you with janitorial services, you might be able to do more with the help of one. As a healthcare facility, your main priority is helping the sick and injured. That’s a tall responsibility, and cleaning shouldn’t have to be on that list, eating up your concentration. This is where our team would come in. By letting our experts handle the sanitation of your facility, your team has more time and energy to focus on your patients.


Corona Virus Myths and Facts for Corona Virus Prevention

It’s important to understand more about the Corona Virus and not just listen to the gossip. Learn what’s true and what’s not regarding the virus so that you can have the best approach and prevent it from spreading.

  • Myth: The Corona Virus is Lethal
    • Truth: The Corona Virus is only lethal to those with compromised immune systems, and healthy individuals shouldn’t have to worry about mortality any more than they should worry about the flu. The best thing you can do if you suspect you’ve caught it is to contact your doctor and speak with them to help you prevent yourself from spreading the virus to those around you.
  • Myth: A Surgical Mask Will Protect You from the Virus
    • Truth: Surgical masks are not for protecting the wearer from contracting illnesses, but to help the sick prevent themselves from spreading illnesses by blocking their mouths when they cough. Surgical masks are very helpful in preventing the spread of the disease, but only for those who are already sick, essentially.
  • Antiviral Drugs like Tamiflu Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus
    • Truth: There’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that taking Tamiflu or other antiviral drugs can protect you from the Corona Virus. What you should do instead is bolster your immune system. Drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, eat well, and get your vitamin C.

Contact Us for Janitorial Services

If your facility in Coral Gables is in need of professional cleaning and sanitation services, then look no further than Oh La La Spotless. Our skilled team is dedicated to helping our clients keep their facilities absolutely clean and organized, and we can also provide any additional services you may require for maximum Corona Virus Prevention. To learn more, contact us today.

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