How to Keep Illnesses and Infections from Spreading

Illnesses and Infections from Spreading

One of the most important tasks Oh La La Spotless, Inc. performs for our clients is sanitation, especially for our clients that are medical facilities where healthcare is of the utmost importance. This is a task we complete with pride—ensuring that the facilities we clean are completely rid of all diseases, viruses, or other pathogens that can cause illnesses.

That being said, there’s only so much disease prevention that a clean space can prevent, as a big part of staying healthy occurs with how we interact with others, and how we sanitize our hands and bodies. Because of this, we’d like to share with you several tips about how to further minimize the chances of contracting an illness while also limiting the spread of it.

First and foremost, when it comes to surfaces, viruses and other pathogens can sometimes survive a few days or even up to several days or weeks. When you have a facility maintenance company working to keep your spaces clean, the risk of individuals contracting illnesses from various surfaces drops drastically. That said, a single cough is all it takes to return pathogens to a surface, so it’s important to be mindful of what you touch and where you cough.

To avoid placing others at risk, remember to cough into the inside of your elbow to minimize the amount of moisture that spreads around. Additionally, you can wear a mask. Masks are designed to catch these moisture droplets to prevent them from spreading to other people. Additionally, it’s important to wash your hands regularly and encourage those around you to do the same.

Another important step is ensuring that your facility is properly supplied with the resources necessary to help you and everyone around you stay protected from illnesses. Consider ensuring your facility is stocked with these items:

  • Hand Soap
    • Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is important for disinfecting your hands. Many viruses are contracted when touching the face, so keeping your hands clean and avoiding touching your face can reduce the risk of getting sick.
  • Surface Wipes
    • Make sure to wipe surfaces down after you’re done using them with surface wipes. This ensures that no bacteria or viruses that may have found their way onto the surface you’ve used survives.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • When you aren’t around a sink with soap, hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to kill the bacteria on your hands.

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