The Importance Of Keeping Break Rooms Clean & Germ-Free

We spend time in the workplace more than we typically want to. When you really think about it, we sometimes are in the office more than we are at home. Because of this, don’t you think your workplace should be just as clean as your home? How would you feel if your personal kitchen was a pigsty? The same can be said for your break room. You eat here just as much as you do in your own kitchen. Luckily, the team at Oh La La Spotless, Inc. is here to make sure you understand how important it is to keep breakrooms clean and germ-free. We specialize in commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services Miami and Coral Gables can be proud of. 


Keeping It Clean

Company break rooms are popular places for employees to relax and recharge, but they can also attract less productive entities, such as bacteria, germs, and mold. You may be devoting cleaning time and effort at your workplace to restrooms or kitchens, but slacking off in break areas can have detrimental effects for your valuable workers, including the possibility of illness from foodborne organisms. Frequently touched surfaces in these areas can be especially germy, with one recent study finding that break room coffee pot handles had 34 times more bacteria than a school toilet seat! Implementing some simple break room cleaning sanitary practices will go a long way toward improving employee morale, keeping germ counts low, and reducing the potential for illness.


Every office break room has “hot spots” where germs like to gather. The following are some best practices for those areas that can benefit from some extra cleaning and disinfecting attention.


By setting a few simple rules for maintenance and asking your facility maintenance team to make the break room a regular part of their cleaning rotation, you can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your organization. The extra break room cleaning attention will pay big dividends toward keeping staff healthy and more productive. Not only are you creating a healthier space, you’re also helping boost morale by showing workers you care about them and their well-being.


Our Office Cleaning Services Miami Are The Best 

We’re a unique cleaning company dedicated to providing a better business environment through improved air quality. Our eco-friendly cleaning products, state of the hypoallergenic art equipment, rigorous training program, and random on-site supervision, make Oh La La Spotless, a company you can count on reliability, efficiency, and quality service. We are passionate about each client project, and our attention to detail is like no other.​


“Green” is a complete approach to maintaining a facility by making informed decisions on chemicals, equipment, supplies, processes, and procedures for every aspect of the process.​ Take advantage of our green services today!


Take Advantage of Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Oh La La Spotless, Inc is one of the best licensed and insured office cleaning companies that strive to improve indoor air quality & reduce your operating expenses as much as 30%. Quality commercial cleaning services go above and beyond their cleaning services. Our management team sets goals and progressive plans to guarantee that a facility is always clean and well maintained. There is a process in place to measure those results. Call our experts today for more information on office cleaning services Miami and Coral Gables.

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